About us

The brand HogPro Scooters started in South Africa in early 2018. With a background in extreme sports and seeing the lack of quality-built stunt scooters in South Africa the focus was then to provide a full pro spec stunt scooter in various models for the youngest riders to the adult riders at affordable prices.

Our focus was on the build quality and strength, we produce all our scooters overseas and have spent many years developing the models.

With this in mind we put together our stunt scooter and pro stunt scooter range using only components equal or better to that used by the best international brands.

For example, when looking at a stunt scooter or pro stunt scooter the build quality is very important. 

When looking at a pro stunt scooter consider this,

  • What fork is used, is it an alloy cnc cut fork as this is much stronger than a pressed steel fork.
  • Alloy handle bars are lighter than steel bars and make the scooter easier to learn tricks on, but maintains the strength. Chromoly steel is stronger than steel. We only use alloy, chromoly steel or titanium. 
  • Look at the compression and if the headset bearings are in floating caps or seated in the headset, ours are seated and sealed.
  • The wheels, are they metal core and what rating of bearing do they have? We only use 88a hardness rubber or PU, cnc cut metal cores with abec 9 bearing, never any plastic or nylon cast wheels.
  • Deck grip, is it vinyl or paper, we only use vinyl.
  • Are parts upgradable and interchangeable? All ours are.
  • The guarantee/warranty, how long is the guarantee, what is the process and how long does the process take if a claim is placed, check the small print 😊
  • The deck width, the TIG welding and if it is a forged cast deck, these are all things that make the difference between a scooter and a stunt scooter.
  • There are many scooters and international scooter brands on the market that are "stunt scooters”, often what’s most attractive about them is more the colours than the build spec or what the salesperson tells you that sells them.
  • If you are after something that will last consider the components that make up the scooter and look at the above, look past the bright colours and plastic as you are spending good money and you want the best, so make sure you get it!

We are confident that you will not find a better stunt scooter than what we offer in the respected price brackets and models. We take great pride in our scooter’s, our after sales service and our brand. We custom build and service HogPro scooters.

We ship scooters all over South Africa with shipments going weekly to Johannesburg, Durban and PE. Delivery is from same day up to 4 days for outlying areas.

We are always available to chat, so never hesitate to call or WhatsApp at anytime if you are looking for information or advice.