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South Africa's No.1 top selling trick and pro stunt scooters for kids and adults.

Over the past 6 years we have focused on building the best pro stunt scooters for kids and adults alike. We have made sure to use the best material and components in our builds making sure that our scooters are unbeatable in price and quality in their respective price ranges. With thousands of units sold in South Africa the HogPro reputation speaks for itself.

So if you are looking for kick scooters, push scooters, kids stunt scooters and pro stunt scooters to full custom built pro scooters, we do it all. If you are looking for the best you just found it!

Price match : We know our scooters and are confident to say that if you can find a new stunt scooter in South Africa, from a dealer with the same build spec, i.e., alloy fork, alloy bar, with the same guarantee for cheaper, we will match and better the price on that equivalent HogPro Scooter model and throw in a free set of bar grips/parts and pegs to the value of R800-00.

  • The best stunt scooters in South Africa, you all know HogPro Scooters. Stunt Scooter, Pump Track Scooters. Cape Town stunt scooters. We are the leading pro stunt scooter shop in Cape Town and South Africa.

    Kids pro stunt scooters

    Looking for a pro stunt scooter for kids and teenages, then the HogPro P1Ten or the P2 is the go to scooter for you.

    Shop for the P1Ten and P2 scooters 
  • Pro level built stunt scooter and kids stunt scooters. Trick scooter for freestyle trick, tail whips and bar spins.

    Pro stunt scooters for teenagers and adults

    We not only proivide stunt scooters for kids, but for pro riders, teenages and adults. The SP model range is suitable for all mentioned above. This is a pro scooter and we use the oversized HIC bars, HIC compression and fork on these builds, as well as the forged deck for strength.

    Shop for the SP1, SP3 or SP3 
  • Stunt scooter shop, scooter pegs, bar grips, clamps, forks and scooter wheels. Kids trick scooter.

    Stunt scooter spares

    Once you have a HogPro scooter there is no need to change. We offer a full range of parts and accessories. All you need to do is ugrade parts as you go on, new wheels, clamps, bar grips and bars. You can even change the deck. So future Birthday and Christmas presents are made easy.

    Shop for wheels, bars and accessories 

What to look out for when buying a stunt scooter.

HogPro Scooters are unbeatable in build quality in their respective price brackets.

Our pro stunt scooters are manufactured in a EN14619:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified factory so to the highest international standards and product tests.

There are many "stunt scooter" brands local and international, but this does not mean that they are pro stunt scooters, bright colours and paintwork does not make a stunt scooter.

If your looking for a stunt scooter that will last there are a few important things to consider. It's easy to pop out and buy a "pro stunt scooter", but when it starts to rattle and frustrate you then you feel like you have thrown your money away.

1.) What material is used on the fork (holds the front wheel) of the scooter? Pressed steel is for a fun scooter, but does not have the strength of a cnc cut alloy fork and you do not want your fork bending or snapping.   

2.) What type of bearings are used in the headset? Bearings in cups or bearings not seated in the headset will loosen easily and rattle, sealed bearings seated in the headset will last and will be the way to go. The headset is a very important piece of a pro stunt scooter. 

3.) What handle bars are used? Steel is heavy so if you want a light setup that is easy to scooter on and learn tricks then alloy is the way to go. If you are a big rider or big impact rider then chromoly steel is the best option as it is really strong.

4. The deck, is it a TIG welded or a forged deck? Forged is a super strong option as it is cast from one section of alloy. TIG welding is a really strong weld. Deck width is important for rider foot size, deck length is important for riding style. Deck finishes and the type of deck grip used on the deck is also important.

5.) Wheels, if you want a strong quiet scooter then the only way to go is cnc cut metal core wheels fitted with abec 9 bearings and 88a hardness PU. Plastic or nylon wheels will be noisy, hard on the surfaces and slippery. Probably a good option if you want to skid, but not as a trick or pro stunt scooter option.   

6.) Guarantees, warranties and after sales service. Always check the terms and conditions. How long does a claim take, is it locally done or do you have to wait for international authorization, how long is the guarantee or warranty period?  

7.) The rider weight and height that the scooter can take. 

Why buy HogPro Scooters?

You are dealing with a South African brand and a South African owner. We take great pride in our customer service, after sales service and guarantee.

We are a specialist shop offering stunt scooters for kids and adults and pro riders. This along with the high build specifications of our product is why HogPro Scooters are the most sought after scooters in SA. If you know anything about stunt scooters then you know HogPro Scooters.

We offer a full range of spares and accessories. All our stunt scooter parts are interchangeable between models, so future upgrades are made easy.

We do not use pressed steel forks, pressed headsets, plastic or nylon cast wheels like some other brands!

Our scooters are manufactured with cnc cut aircraft grade alloy forks, alloy or chromoly handle bars and cnc cut metal core wheels, all wheels fitted with abec 9 bearings.

Cape Town based, we courier scooters to your door. So whether you are in Johannesburg, Durban, PE or anywhere in South Africa we offer trackable delivery.

We have riders landing scooter tricks that are the first to be done in SA by South African riders. We have a great community of HogPro riders so follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see what is going on.

Open 7 days a week by appointment, so not limited to business hours. Come for a test ride as there is no better way to get a feel for the pro stunt scooters.