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We are launching the Hog loyalty program offering Hog scooter riders discounts, trade in options and much more. Starting 01/03/2021.

Some options that we will offer,

Trade in your old (Complete Hog Pro build) Hog Scooter for a new model, trade in and price will be based on condition when inspected. If you are not located in CT then please WhatsApp me for info. Please note that we will not accept any cracked or broken parts.

Sell your old Hog Pro Scooter through Hog online,

Sell your "any brand" scooter privately, but advertised through Hog online.

If you are a complete build "HOG SCOOTER" owner you are then entitled to free scooter services, 10% discount off parts. You are entitled to a 5% off additional complete build scooters. Please note that this discount does not apply to the P2 model or if a scooter is traded in, payment will also need to be either cash or EFT not card payment.

Please note, the discount on parts is limited in quantity for each Hog Scooter you own, so for example you own a P2 and you want wheels the discount is applied to one set of wheels. This is applied to all forms of discounts.

Discounts and offers are subject to availability and subject to change at anytime, without notice. Only one discount can be applied at any one time, for example you can not have a cash discount and a trade in discount at the same time in one purchase.

Discounts can not be applied to any SALE items or Safety Gear.

If you sell your old scooter or parts through Hog there is a 20% charge that is calculated on the sale price of the scooter or part to cover the sales and advertising related costs.

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